Migori: Retired teacher wailing in viral video over unrequited love speaks

He claims his erstwhile lover started becoming cold and a medical doctor is now warming her bed

for Tv47 Digital July 09, 2022, 07:58 AM
Omondi siringi migori teacher jilted
Siringi Omondi alias Siringi Mulumbi mourns he spent over KSh620,000 on his lover who has left him for another man. PHOTOS/TV47 DIGITAL

In Summary

  • Siringi Omondi alias Siringi Mulumbi claims to have married one Phoebe Adhiambo Okombo for four years. 

  • They had two children, one who unfortunately died and was interred at a Muslim cemetery in Kisumu

A retired secondary school teacher is nursing a broken heart after his 'wife', for whom he claims to have paid KSh620,000 in college fees and other expenses, left him for another man. 

Siringi Omondi alias Siringi Mulumbi claims to have been married to one Phoebe Adhiambo Okombo for four years. In the course of their union, they had two children. 

Viral Video

A video of him wailing while donning a yellow construction hat and a blue, dotted shirt has gone viral on social media. In an exclusive interview with TV47 Digital, Siringi poured out his frustrations over the unrequited love. 

Now a part-time poet, jilted Siringi says his union with Phoebe had been okay-ed by the woman's mother who "allowed her to stay with me and maintain her upkeep in college as well as pay her fees."

Phoebe is a student at Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology in Kisumu, Siringi adds.

He says they started co-habiting in 2019 in Riat, Kisumu. The union bore two children, one who unfortunately passed away and was buried at the Muslim cemetery, Kisumu. 

Their romance was blooming until early early this year when the lady allegedly started developing cold feet. "Baadaye mambo yakaanza kwenda sambenjambe pindi tu mwaka huu ulipobisha," cries Siringi in his above-average Kiswahili. "Phoebe alipokuwa anarudi shuleni hakuwa yule Phoebe tena.

Siringi Investigates 

Egged on by suspicion, Siringi decided to investigate. He found out that his 'wife' had moved on with another man. The man is said to be a medic. To add insult to injury, he claims to have been denied access to his daughter and that his ex-'wife' has since changed her phone number.

To mend the broken heart, Siringi has turned to fellow poets for support; a Shakespearean verse or two.  "I would like to thank my fellow teachers and poets for the support they've accorded me," he says. 

'Mwenyezi Mungu Amjalie'

Nevertheless, Siringi says he wishes his ex-wife well. "Ya ulimwengu ni mengi lakini ya binadamu ni mayai...Popote pale aliko [Phoebe], naweka wazi bayana kwamba nimemsamehe. Mwenyezi Mungu amjalie, amtunze mwanangu kwa jina Tamara. 

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