Man in court for allegedly defiling daughter and impregnating her

for Tv47 Digital December 29, 2022, 06:14 PM
Man in court for allegedly defiling daughter and impregnating her
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A middle-aged man has been arraigned in a Kandara Court on account of defiling his daughter and impregnating her.

The suspected man who appeared before senior resident Magistrate Sheila Nyaga pleaded not guilty to the accusation of defilement.

The prosecution pleaded with the court to lift the issuance of bond and cash bail on grounds that members of public are prying for his blood and for the reason that he might interfere with the investigation.

The suspect is expected to appear in court for pre-trial on January 12th 2023 and the report by children office to be presented on the same day in regard to custody of the minor involved.

The man is held at Thika remand while the minor has been put under custody of Kandara Children home.

The case was brought to public after sisters to the minor visited their home for Christmas only to find their younger sister pregnant.

Upon interrogating the parents for answers their father became unruly and chased them away but his efforts were futile as the sisters were determined to get answers.

After questioning the minor she accused her father of the pregnancy after which he was arrested by irate members of public and taken to Kandara Police station.

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