KUPPET condemns brutal murder of high school teacher

for Tv47 Digital March 18, 2023, 12:28 PM
Kuppet Vihiga officials on murder of mbale boys teacher
KUPPET Vihiga County officials Sabala Inyeni and Francis Kulali. “We want answers.”

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers KUPPET has condemned the brutal murder of a high school teacher from Mbale Boys High school in Vihiga County.

Vihiga County KUPPET Secretary General Sabala Inyeni says teachers are now being targeted by the criminal gang. 

Business Studies' teacher Silas Owuor, 28, was attacked and killed this week just metres from his house. 

Moments earlier, he had just been disbursing bus fare to students, which had been sent by their parents to facilitate their travel home for the mid-term break.

The attack is the second such incident targeting a teacher in recent weeks. A high school principal Peter Vikiru was attacked by unknown persons with a machete. 

"Why have teachers become a target," posed Sabala Inyeni, KUPPET Vihiga County Secretary General. "We are not going to allow our teachers to be used as sacrificial lambs. If police have the ability to rein in the brewing of Chang'aa, then they also have ability to provide adequate security for our teachers." 

"We must be told, in the next few hours, who took the life of this teacher," said the association's chair Francis Kulali. "If we are not careful, this country is going to slide into a state where there is no rule of law."

Mbale school principal Peter Omutiti told tv47.digital in an interview that Owuor's death was a huge loss to the institution. 

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