Man returns home after years abroad, surprises parents with girlfriend

Man returns home after years abroad, surprises parents with girlfriend

In a heart-warming tale that has captivated TikTok users worldwide, @theefeyisayo, a Nigerian man who spent nine years abroad, orchestrated a remarkable surprise for his family.

Having ventured to the UK years ago, he embarked on an emotional journey back home, with an unexpected companion at his side, his long-term girlfriend.

Sharing their video chronicles from the UK to Nigeria, he captured the anticipation and excitement that built with every passing mile.

Eager to catch his family off guard, @theefeyisayo set in motion a plan that none could have anticipated. His arrival in his hometown, Ogbomosho, marked the beginning of a reunion filled with emotion and uncontainable joy.

He shared the heart-warming video where his mother’s reaction was priceless, warmly embracing his girlfriend and over the moon for seeing his son’s return.

The surprise continued to unfold as his sister, brother, and father – hard at work on the family farm – shared in the celebration.

It was a moment sparked with mixed emotions from tears of joy to genuine happiness for seeing him after a long nine years away and to add the goodness, with a girlfriend whom he was engaged to be married to.

The couple had been secretly planning their wedding for two months before the grand reveal.

Netizens couldn’t help but shower the couple with well-wishes and praise for their extraordinary journey. With comments pouring in, the shared sentiment was one of awe and admiration for the depth of their commitment.