Driver, conductor of Githurai bus face murder charges after throwing passenger out of moving vehicle

for Tv47 Digital August 10, 2019, 12:00 PM
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The driver and conductor of the notorious Githurai bus Zam Zam group have been arrested in yet another incident of allegedly throwing a passenger out of a fast-moving vehicle and causing death.

According to the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the two Naphtali Fondo 33, and Alex Gikonyo 20, will be charged with the murder of 24-year-old Gerald Kimondo whom they are accused of pushing out of the vehicle.

Investigations by DCI detectives have indicated that the crew in the same bus pushed 21-year-old Doreen Kinya out of a moving bus last year near Safari Park Hotel, 11km from Nairobi CBD.

Doreen Kinya who was a student at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies(NIBS) died after the incident from internal injuries.

Eye witnesses in Doreen's case say she was pushed out of the bus after an altercation arose between her and the conductor when she complained about being driven past the stage where she was supposed to alight.

Just like the 2018 incident, the Githurai bus is back on the road operating even after the death of Gerald.

Kasarani OCPD Peter Kimani said the bus has been cleared to operate even as the case goes on.

“The traffic procedure is that when a vehicle cuses an accident, inspection is done, then it is released. But the case still goes on,” the Kasarani OCPD.

The driver of the bus was also released on a Sh60,000 police bond.

According to sources, the Githurai bus is owned by powerful people in Nairobi who are spinning the hand of justice to their favour.

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