MP promises to build semi-permanent house for poor family living in dilapidated house

for Tv47 Digital October 05, 2022, 10:06 AM
MP comes to aid of poor family
Konoin MP Brighton Yegon (second right) with the poor family residing in a dilapidated house in Kiboro ward. He has pledged to build the family a 3 room house.

A Member of Parliament has come to the aid of a poor family in his constituency that is living in a dilapidated state.

The family currently resides in a poorly grass-thatched, mud-walled shaky house in Kiboro village, Konoin Constituency, Bomet County.

The family from Konoin, Bomet County, lives in this house (pictured). The area MP has pledged to build them a semi-permanent house made of woods. PHOTO | @LennyBrighton1

Area MP Brighton Yegon has pledged to build the family a three-roomed semi-permanent house. The legislator rues that with the current weather conditions of rains and cold in the area, the family is at a high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

"Attention has been drawn to my office about this family living in a dilapidated house at Kiboro village in Boito Ward. The weather conditions exposes the family to high risk of infectious diseases. I have pledged to built a 3 roomed semi-permanent(timber) house for them," the MP tweeted on Tuesday, October 4 evening.

President Ruto's ambitious plan

This comes just a day after President William Ruto appealed to MPs to approve the Housing Funds when it is re-introduced in Parliament.

Speaking on Monday, October 3, when he commissioned a housing project in Nairobi, President Ruto said that the programme will enable Kenyans to become homeowners by paying as little as KSh6,600 per month.

Ruto said that under his administration, more than 200,000 house units will be constructed across the country over five years.

The houses, according to Ruto, will include one and two-bedrooms and payments will be made through mortgages.

"I am confident that our Parliament will work with us so that we can do the right thing and provide the financial infrastructure: from construction to mortgage to support those living in informal settlements," he said.

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