Old Kijabe: Once vibrant town now languishing in land injustices, water shortage

for Tv47 Digital October 07, 2022, 11:20 AM
Old Kijabe town
Once bustling Old Kijabe town now languishing in land injustice, water shortage.

Old Kijabe town - at the border of Kiambu and Nakuru Counties - is one of the many pre-independence towns that were affected by relocation of the railway line when Kenya got independence in the year 1963 from colonial government.

The unoccupied buildings that were originally used by Indian businesspersons is an indication of a once bustling town.  But the town has remained 'dormant' after the Indians relocated to Nairobi, at Kijabe Street, affecting Old Kijabe Town's economy.

The Town is in the middle of Kijabe Forest that borders AIC Kijabe Hospital and Mai Mahiu town. However, residents are faced with a major challenge of accessing clean water, as well as a dilapidated road network. 

Historical land injustices are rampant, where residents have no title deeds for their parcel of lands since independence.

Now, over 1,200 residents who lives at the border of Kiambu and Nakuru have called on the two county governments to collaborate and work together and issue them with title deeds to empower them develop their area with the modern business houses which will change their living condition.

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