A 10-year-old boy skips school to join gang in a robbery

A 10-year-old boy skips school to join gang in a robbery

Hong Kong police have arrested four people among them a 10-year-old boy in connection to a luxury watch shop heist on Monday afternoon.

Local news sources indicated that the boy was allegedly paid $870 to skip school and join the gang in the robbery.

It is reported that the boy wore a jacket over his school uniform during the heist and made away with luxury watches worth $642,906.

The robbery

During the ordeal, he and one other robber held a knife to threaten staff at the shop as the third broke the glass counter for them to take the watches.

After grabbing twenty watches the gang is said to have made their getaway using a Toyota vehicle that was driven by the fourth suspect.


It is also reported that the boy is a Pakistani who joined his parents in Hong Kong in 2018.

The arrest

On Monday evening Hong Kong police nubbed a 19-year-old Pakistani man after he was found in possession of the watches.

This led to a domino effect that led to the arrest of the other suspects.

Later that night, officers arrested a 17-year-old Pakistani Hong Kong identity card holder, who was believed to be the brother of one of the suspects.


On Wednesday, another minor a 14-year-old Indian boy was arrested after a raid in a guest house in Yuen Long, he is suspected to be among the suspects.

The 10-year-old boy was arrested on Tuesday a day after the robber as he was coming from school.


Police have also found the car that was believed to have been used in the robbery.

The car was found in Kowloon Bay. A knife and two hammers were recovered from the vehicle.

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