Antony Ng’ang’a reveals shocking truth about living with an abusive wife


Antony Ng’ang’a, a resilient single father of two, courageously unravels the harrowing tale of his tumultuous marriage.

In a candid conversation, Antony revealed the painful reality of living in an abusive relationship that culminated in his wife abandoning him with their three-month-old baby.

Antony Ng’ang’a
Antony Ng’ang’a

The troubling saga began in 2016 when Antony met his future wife, swiftly tying the knot.

However, their marital bliss was short-lived as trouble loomed from the onset.

Antony’s long work hours often led to shocking discoveries of his wife’s involvement with other men, fueling suspicion and turmoil in their relationship.

Enduring heartbreak, Antony shifted to the children’s bedroom, distancing himself from the deteriorating marriage.

Eventually, his wife declared the end of their union and left, leaving him to navigate the challenges of single parenthood. Struggling to balance work and childcare, Antony faced job losses and financial strain, pushing them to the brink of homelessness and hunger.

Amidst the turmoil, Antony’s health took a drastic hit. Unexplained ailments and a significant weight loss revealed a grim truth—he was HIV positive.

Confronted with this devastating reality, Antony grappled with the shock, initially blaming his wife for the infection.

However, he later discovered that he might have contracted the virus while rescuing accident victims.

Today, Antony has embraced his HIV-positive status and strives to provide a bright future for his daughters. Despite facing financial hardships, he remains determined to protect others from the same fate, prioritizing his daughters’ well-being.

With dreams of running a small business to sustain his family, Antony embodies resilience, refusing to let his past define his future.

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