Bahati and Diana offered KSh 5M to delete social media following smoking photo

Bahati and Diana offered KSh 5M to delete social media following smoking photo

Controversial gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko offered celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua KSh 5 million.

This is following a controversial photo shared by Bahati of himself appearing to be smoking cigar.

Bahati smoking an unknown product. PHOTO/COURTESY

The photo made rounds on social media stirring different emotions among netizens.

Ringtone, in an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, pleaded with the couple to embark on their Christian morals.

The couple was urged to leave the “worldly ways” they are reportedly accustomed to.

“Bahati is confusing us, he is supposed to come out and tell us if he has become a bhang ambassador. Did he meet Wajackoyah perhaps?” Ringtone wondered.

Ringtone Apoko was photographed leaving his Range Rover. PHOTO/COURTESY

However, no one has established what the artiste smoked in the photo.

He shared the photo as a way of celebrating 10 years in the music industry.

“We are trying to preach against substance abuse,” said Ringtone

Addiction problem?

Adding further, “We expect Bahati despite leaving the gospel industry not to vouch for drugs.”

“He might have an addiction problem but he should not smoke in public,” added Ringtone.

In addition, the controversial gospel artiste also insisted that he was sure the substance Bahati was consuming was bhang.

“What he was smoking is bhang as the smoke rose up in a snaky manner as opposed to in a straight line.”

The self-proclaimed chairperson of gospel music gave Bahati ultimatums in the event he wanted to embark on singing gospel songs.

“We don’t want him back in the gospel industry…”

“We do not want him in the gospel industry until he denounces secular music by deleting all the secular music he has made.”

Adding that, “he actually needs to delete all his social media platforms and start afresh.”

“His songs have spirits that draw their listeners to alcohol consumption and prostitution,” he alleged.

In addition, Ringtone blamed Diana Marua for Bahati’s backsliding.

He insinuated that as a wife, she is responsible for guiding Bahati back to the church.


Ringtone to sponsor Bahati’s wedding

Ringtone promised to sponsor their wedding scheduled for December if they got born again.

“If both of them get saved, I have volunteered to pay for their wedding. Well, I will give them KSh 5 million,” he said.

“Right now Bahati can try making gospel music but none will be successful.”

“This is because he gets his inspiration from somewhere else and not from the God that got him off the streets.”

“You see the ladies dancing in TikTok naked? Those are women who followed Willy Paul and Bahati,” he alleged.

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