Bahati and wife tear into Pastor Ezekiel for comments about Diana

Bahati and wife tear into Pastor Ezekiel for comments about Diana

Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have responded strongly to the controversial preacher, Pastor Ezekiel, for his derogatory comments directed at women named Diana.

In a social media post, Bahati questioned the credibility of Pastor Ezekiel, alleging that the preacher from the New Life Prayer Centre and Church is leading people astray.

“Is this a true or false prophet? Somebody needs to tell this pastor to stop misleading the Church. Diana Marua and I are celebrating seven golden years of marriage this coming October 20th. Dianas are the best,” Bahati said.

Bahati Diana Ezekiel
Pastor Ezekiel Odero during a Sunday service at his Newlife Prayer Centre. [Photo/Courtesy].

Diana, known as Diana B in the music scene, also expressed her disapproval of the preacher, who has been linked to the infamous Shakahola massacre investigation by detectives and associated with his church.

She had stern words for men with the name Ezekiel, labeling them as habitual liars and advising women against marrying individuals bearing that name.

“Don’t be married to Ezekiel’s! They will look at you straight in your eyes and lie! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of Shakahola Massacre,” her passionate post read.

Bahati Diana Ezekiel
Celebrity couple Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua. [Photo/Courtesy].

Pastor Ezekiel stirs controversy

Pastor Ezekiel once more stirred the pot of controversy with his remarks regarding women bearing the name Diana and their marital destinies.

The clergyman boldly asserted that the name carried with it a crooked history, and he earnestly advised his followers against giving their children such names.

He claimed that Diana is a promiscuous woman and that any man choosing her as a wife should be ready to share with the public, whether he wants or not.

“Don’t give your child the name Diana because when she gets married, you’ll have to share her with people,” Pastor Ezekiel said.

The man of God also claimed that women bearing the name Diana seldom get married and in the event that they do, marital bliss is all but a mirage.

According to Pastor Ezekiel, women named Diana invariably assume a dominant role, wielding authority over their husbands and dictating the course of the marriage’s voyage.

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