Bees sting two-year-old to death in Bomet

Bees sting two-year-old to death in Bomet

Chepkosa village in Bomet county is in mourning after a two-year-old child succumbed to bee stings on Thursday.

Five more family members are nursing injuries from the accident, Bomet county disaster management officer Stanley Mutai confirmed.

“The child was playing outside their house when the bees suddenly started hovering around the compound – and began to sting everyone who was outside,” narrated Mutai.

“The child was rushed to Sigor sub-county hospital in an attempt to save his life – but was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival,” he added.

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The body was transferred to Longisa Referral hospital morgue.

“The bees hovered around the compound for hours forcing neighours to lock themselves inside their houses for fear of being attacked,” said Mr Mutai.

According to research, one might succumb to bee stings if they are allergic to the stings. One can also die if stung more than 50 times concurrently.

KRA official who died of bee stings In 2021, a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) staff died after an attack by a swam of bees.

The bees attacked him and two others inside the car. John Mutwiri’s body was found full of dead bees.

Mutwiri was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Home remedies to treat bee stings

Ice can reduce swelling after a bee sting. Wrap an ice pack or anything frozen in a cloth then place it on the swelling. Hold the ice pack for a few minutes.

Honey has properties that combat inflammation which as a result reduces swelling.

The honey should be applied on the sting. One is however advised to stay indoors after applying honey to avoid attracting more bees.

Finally, toothpaste contains alkaline that neutralizes the toxin caused by bee stings.

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