British man marries lady who suffered acid attack from ex-lover

British man marries lady who suffered acid attack from ex-lover

Linneti’s Kirungi’s ex-boyfriend scarred her for life with acid, she feared she’d never find love again.

But David Flew saw beyond the scars, and now he’s happily married to this resilient acid attack survivor, dedicated to helping others like her.

Linneti Kirungi dream of getting married came true
Linneti Kirungi on her wedding.

In her darkest hour, Linneti Kirungi couldn’t even recall why she was in the hospital.

The cruel reality soon flooded back – she was the victim of an acid attack, orchestrated by the man who should’ve cherished and protected her.

Back when she was just 20 years old, Linneti had the strength to break things off with her controlling ex.

He demanded she abandon her studies in Kampala and marry him. When she refused, he turned into a menacing stalker.

Linneti’s husband David Flew in the middle

But that morning on her way to university, a sinister accomplice, paid by her ex, threw acid at her, changing her life forever.

Linneti fought back, completed her education, and founded the Hope Care Rescue Mission to aid fellow acid burn survivors with medical care and essentials.

Yet, one crucial piece was missing. “It took me years to trust a man again,” Linneti reveals.

“I carried so much hatred, expecting every man to treat me like my ex had.”

Linneti Kirungi’s traditional ceremony in Uganda.

But there were more heartaches in store. One man she believed she’d marry walked away after seeing her scars, the ones she’d concealed so diligently.

Dave Flew entered Linneti’s life through their shared mission.

This 42-year-old British automotive engineer and artist, hailing from Somerset, volunteered with acid attack survivors in India.

Their paths crossed online in 2020, bonding over their charitable work.

Their connection deepened, blossoming into love. David journeyed to Uganda to meet Linneti’s parents, and they celebrated their union with a traditional ceremony and church wedding before starting a new chapter in the UK.

For Linneti, it was a dream come true.

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