Burna Boy asks for extra money from fans attending his London show

Burna Boy asks for extra money from fans attending his London show

The self-proclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy, has ignited a mix of reactions after he appealed to his fans for financial support during a London concert.

A viral video circulating on social media captures the moment when Burna Boy addressed his audience, asserting that their request for an additional performance had not been compensated.

Initially taken aback by the unusual appeal, the audience eventually agreed due to the singer’s persistence insistence that a refusal would incur a debt to him.

Interestingly, a handful of fans offered monetary contributions, and even a one-pound note was tendered by a supporter. Burna Boy accepted this gesture before commencing the show.

“I need money; let me show you why I need money. Let me explain why. You guy’s did not pay for what I am about to do. Right now, you are owing me. Once I start just consider yourself a debtor.” Photo/Courtesy

Adding to the excitement, he enthralled his fans with ‘It’s Plenty,’ a track from his 2022 album ‘Love Damini.’

Clapback from fans as Burna Boy begs for money

Burna Boy perfroming ‘It’s plenty’ from his ‘Love Damini’ album. Photo/Burnaboygram/Instagram

roysterdave said: “Burna na cruise😀…..tho many would give Burna but won’t give the poor 😕”

Don E opined: “J cole don finish ur money bro”


Burna boy’s Lyrics😂 clarified: “They paid for I told them listening party, he gave full performance and they now asked for LoveDamini performance too 😂.. you have to pay for that”

S3w3n_Unltd wrote: “burna wan collect offeriing for concert”

Praiz LB stated: “Burna wan buy Maybach by all means”

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