China bans state officials from using iPhones

China bans state officials from using iPhones

China has banned government officials from using iPhones. The Wall Street Journal has reported the ban, quoting unnamed leaders familiar with government plans.

The journal explained that heads of departments have been notifying employees about the ban through chats and meetings.

CNN has also tried to investigate the iPhone ban by contacting China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs but it has not received official feedback.

Other international journalists who were investigating the matter have revealed that most Chinese officials are already avoiding the use of iPhones.

Similarly, state officials who spoke to the media about the iPhones ban, sought anonymity as they explained that they were adhering to the directive.

According to a reliable source, most central government officials are now using smartphones by major Chinese companies.

China pushes for self-reliance over sanctions

The iPhone ban comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China in March. The ban is a major blow to the US-based company since China was its major market and manufacturing center.

The iPhone ban for government officials may be retaliation for similar moves made by the United States against Chinese tech.

For instance, China’s Huawei and ZTE technology products have been subjected to strict restrictions in the US.

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