Couple born on same day have twins on their birthday

Couple born on same day have twins on their birthday

Jose Ervin Jr. and Scierra Blair, have opened their hearts to a brand-new chapter of joy.

Their shared birthday once celebrated as a couple, now hosts an even grander occasion with the arrival of their precious twin treasures, Jose Ervin III and the adorable A-ria.

The Ohio couple were ecstatic that they got to share their birth date with their children.

Beautiful coincidence

August 18 was not just a day for cake and candles; it was a day for welcoming new lives into their world.

Cleveland Clinic witnessed a miracle as this couple’s love story expanded into a story of four hearts beating in perfect harmony.

Jose Ervin Jr. shared his heartfelt sentiments about this newfound family tradition.

“One big celebration, all at one time, and that would be beautiful,”

Emphasizing the unity and love that will forever mark their shared birthday.

Change of plans

The journey to this day was punctuated with courage and love. As Scierra Blair’s due date loomed near, unexpected news changed their plans.

Doctors advised a cesarean section due to the breech position of one of the babies.

With the clock ticking, he whispered a plea to his soon-to-be-mother of twins: could she wait until after midnight? Could they mark not only their shared birthday but also the birth of their children on the same day? A decision rooted in love, health, and a sprinkle of magic.

The couple etched their names into the stars of destiny, where their shared birthdays have now become a tapestry woven with the threads of love, laughter, and the cries of newborn twins.

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