Lovers frustrated as dog chews groom’s passport days before wedding abroad

Lovers frustrated as dog chews groom’s passport days before wedding  abroad

Donato Frattaroli’ and his fiancée Magda Mazri are set to wed on August 31st, 2023 however their upcoming nuptials hit a snag after their pet chewed up the groom-to-be passport.

Just days before the romantic Italian wedding bells are set to ring, disaster strikes.

Donato and his fiancée Magda Mazri were all set to jet off to Italy for their dreamy wedding destination.

But destiny had different plans. Chickie, with her innocent face and wagging tail, had her own ideas.

Chickie chewed Donato’s passport halting their wedding dream destination plan.

Chickie knew her mistake

The one-year-old furball, who goes by the adorable nickname Chicken Cutlet, decided that her owner’s passport was the perfect chew toy. Result? A shredded, mangled mess that left poor Donato stunned.

Donato narrated the tale to ABC News, admitting that he found his passport on Chickie’s cosy bed, transformed into bits and pieces of shredded paper.

. “She kinda knew what she did, and all of a sudden, she got really cuddly, you know, head on the lap kind of thing.”

Couple’s frustration

Talk about a guilty conscience!

In a quest to salvage their Italian wedding dreams, Magda reached out to their local parliament representative for help.

And while it might seem like an uphill journey, there’s hope in the air. Magda is optimistic that Donato can get a fresh passport in the nick of time.

“I’m optimistic it’s going to work out,” she shared with a hopeful smile.

Even if the passport miracle doesn’t happen, love won’t be deterred. Donato might miss the flight, but Magda and their wedding party are ready to soar.

The couple said that if Frattaroli’s passport replacement doesn’t come in time, Mazri and their wedding guests will travel to Italy without Frattaroli and he’ll welcome them all home when they return to the U.S. afterward.

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