Desperate Mum on the run, kidnaps son to extract Shs4 million from husband

Desperate Mum on the run, kidnaps son to extract Shs4 million from husband

In a shocking turn of events, Justin Namuleme, the mother, dropped a bombshell on her husband, Stephen Wasinga, claiming that their son had fallen victim to unidentified kidnappers.

Without wasting a moment, Wasinga swiftly initiated legal action by reporting a child kidnapping case.

Wasinga waswiling to pay up

This prompted the dissemination of this distressing information to all police stations in the Kampala Metropolitan North region.

However, the story took a baffling twist when Wasinga stumbled upon a chilling letter left at their doorstep.

The ominous note demanded a hefty ransom of Shs4 million in exchange for the safe return of their son. It was a gut-wrenching ultimatum, accompanied by a stern warning not to involve the authorities.

Wasinga wasted no time in looping the police back into the unfolding drama.

Wasinga shared his disconcerting discovery: “When I returned from the police, I found a letter instructing me to send Shs4 million to secure the release of my son.

The letter warned me not to involve the police. Nevertheless, I went back to inform the police about this new development.”

The police, quick to respond, advised Wasinga to bring his wife in for questioning.

She needed to explain how their child had been abducted from right under her nose. Ms. Namuleme’s account painted a perplexing picture: “I did not see the people who took our son because he was in the compound.

It appears these individuals were nearby and closely monitoring my movements. I implore my husband to send the money to ensure the safety of our child.”

Intriguingly, the police decided to play a cunning game with the alleged kidnappers.

They requested specific instructions on how to deliver the ransom and retrieve the child.

The plot thickened when the provided telephone number initially proved non-operational.

“However, Wasinga was taken aback when his wife assured him not to worry, claiming that the telephone number would be active in a few minutes. Indeed, the number became operational, leaving the father perplexed. He immediately informed our officers about the situation,” divulged Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson.

As the police continued their inquiry, they began to question how Namuleme possessed this uncanny knowledge about the phone number’s reactivation. It wasn’t long before suspicions heightened.

“As she continued to be interrogated, she managed to escape through a back door.

Shortly after, the child returned home. The boy informed his father that his mother had placed him on a motorcycle that brought him back home. T

he wife has since fled, but we are actively searching for her,” Mr. Owoyesigyire stated.

In a shocking revelation, Wasinga disclosed that his wife had taken out numerous undisclosed loans, arousing his suspicions that she might have orchestrated the kidnapping as an elaborate scheme to extort money for settling her mounting debts.

“I have noticed several people coming to our home inquiring about my wife and demanding money from her. I do not understand the reason for these loans, and now I am suspicious that she intended to acquire money through ransom to clear her debts,” Wasinga remarked, his world turned upside down by this harrowing ordeal.

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