Dr John Njenga: PhD holder narrates life as a street hawker

Dr John Njenga: PhD holder narrates life as a street hawker

Dr John Njenga is a familiar name to many X (formerly Twitter) users. He has 295,000 followers on the platform.

Dr Njenga is a lecturer at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He studied his undergraduate degree in Kenyatta University.

Subsequently, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig. His PhD is from University of Leipzig.

“I sold soap, socks and shoes.”

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Things have however not been all rosy for Dr John Njenga. In an X post on Monday, he shared some of the blue collar jobs he took up to make ends meet.

“I walked and sold soap, socks, shoes in plots in Githurai. I sold mitumba (second hand clothes) in the markets of Busia.”

“I walked and sold newspapers to butcheries in Kahawa sukari. I ran a shop in Kakamega and later Naivasha.”

“I walked into offices selling socks and fruits in Kakamega,” said Dr Njenga.

Grind in university

“All that, before joining campus. I set up a small computer packages college at Kahawa sukari with one slow second hand computer, I ran it as I studied.”

Dr John Njenga and Dr Miguna Miguna. PHOTO/COURTESY

“I ran a loaned pool table inside KU, studying by day, working in the evening. Paid it off. I sold nyama ya kichwa na mutura na supu in Githurai.”

Dr John Njenga advised his followers to face their challenges head on but also to do it in silence.

“Climb the mountains before you quietly. Swim across the rivers you have to quietly.

“Walk across the valleys that you have to walk across quietly.”

Conclusively, he added, “and if you belong to the club of 03:00 a.m. prayers, quietly wait as you do what must be done. There is no one formula for life. Try yours. Do yours. Quietly.”

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