Dr Ofweneke: If your lady compares you to her ex, leave her

Dr Ofweneke: If your lady compares you to her ex, leave her

TV47 and RadioTV show host Dr. Ofweneke delivered some straightforward advice to men during his show.

He urged them to exercise caution when dealing with ladies who are still fixated on their ex-partners.

His message was crystal clear: If your lady constantly compares you to her ex, it might be time to reconsider the relationship.

Dr.Ofweneke on his show

The comedian emphasized that if your lady is still entangled in issues with her previous partner and frequently measures you against him, it’s best to step away and leave her be.

In his perspective, such women are in a state of emotional turmoil and require space and time to heal.

He said in such scenarios when men make mistakes, the women will use her previous experiences as a benchmark to judge them.

Attempting to engage with them romantically in this condition is bound to be a futile endeavour.

Dr Ofweneke said when a woman has not healed from her past, she may unfairly compare her current partner to her previous one, making it difficult for the relationship to progress smoothly.

He went on to stress that when a woman has healed from her past experiences, the relationship benefits in multiple ways.

This allows for a more harmonious and fulfilling partnership where both parties can grow together without the burden of past baggage.

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