Easter tragedy: 45 people die in road accident, 8-year-old child survives

Easter tragedy: 45 people die in road accident, 8-year-old child survives

More than 40 people heading to Easter celebrations in the northern part of South Africa lost their lives on Thursday evening when a bus they were traveling in crashed.

According to Sky News, the bus which had Botswana number plates was ferrying pilgrimages from the landlocked country to Moria, a town in Limpopo, one of the northern states of South Africa.

The Ministry of Transport in a statement said the bus driver lost control near Mamatlakala as he maneuvered a sharp bend.

Unfortunately, he rammed past the barriers along that bridge and the bus fell over and caught fire as soon as it hit the ground.

45 people, including the driver, who were onboard perished in the accident. Only one girl aged eight years survived the crash and is reportedly receiving treatment in hospital.

Crime scene officers reportedly found some bodies burnt beyond recognition, while others were still trapped in the debris and some scattered around the scene.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa sent condolences to Botswana and offered his support.

Apparently, such accidents are witnessed every Easter season as Christians cross over to South Africa’s Limpopo for Easter pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, President William Ruto sent out a message of hope amid tough times this season.

““There is no life, place or time in this world without its share of sufferings, deprivations and frustrations. The Easter message of hope does not deny the existence of heavy burdens and depressing setbacks with which we must struggle.”

He was however confident that through values such as those set by Jesus Christ to overcome his battle, Kenyans would also make it through.

“As communities and as a nation, we find encouragement in the knowledge that with a sound plan of action, solidarity, and devotion to integrity and efficiency, we can work our way through the most daunting of obstacles and build a secure foundation for present and future generations to share the abundance of this great land,” the first in command explained.

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