EDITORIAL: Political intolerance and violence must stop

EDITORIAL: Political intolerance and violence must stop

Cases of political intolerance, chaos and downright violence appear to be re-emerging at an alarming rate, a worrying trend that is not only unacceptable but also sets a dangerous tone for the state of governance. 

Two incidents have caught our attention this week, curiously both of them in Murang’a County. In one, rival Members of the county assembly engaged in a fist fight and even destroyed public property after they disagreed over the election of some county officials.

In the second incident, supporters of two female MPs clashed violently and disrupted a meeting attended by three Cabinet Secretaries forcing a halt to the activities of the day.

It is a shame that we are now seeing female elected leaders being part of this hooliganism.

It is wrong for elected leaders, entrusted with the responsibility of representing the interests of their constituents, to resort to physical violence as a means of resolving differences. It makes a mockery of the title of “honorable” bestowed upon them.

The essence of democracy lies in the peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue, debate, and compromise.

However, the recent events in Murang’a demonstrate a blatant disregard for these principles. Instead of engaging in constructive discourse and objective debate, politicians have chosen to descend into shameful brawls and disorder.

We must hold our leaders to account for their actions and demand a higher standard of conduct. We must accept that political disagreements are inevitable in a diverse society, but they should never be allowed to escalate into violent confrontations.

Let us all denounce the spirit of hooliganism in our political space and demand that our leaders uphold the values of democracy and respect for one another.

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