Elon Musk reverses Twitter’s major policy after Trump’s return

Elon Musk reverses Twitter’s major policy after Trump’s return

Elon Musk has revoked the political ad ban previously enforced on X, formerly Twitter, to combat misinformation.

The ban resulted from a measure implemented before Musk acquired the platform.

The return of potentially misleading political content to X occurred shortly after former President Donald Trump’s first post there since January 2021, in less than a week.

Donald Trump police mugshot after his arrest in Georgia

The Former President Trump shared his police mugshot, marking his comeback to the platform that served as his favored communication channel during his White House tenure.

Following the insurrection at the US Capitol, which involved his enraged supporters, Trump’s first post emerged days later. The riot aimed to thwart Joe Biden’s presidential certification.

After the January 6 turmoil, Twitter permanently suspended Trump, asserting that he breached the platform’s anti-violence policy by promoting false election theft allegations.

January 6th storming of the United States Capitol, United States Capitol attack of 2021

Musk, the platform’s owner, restored Trump’s account in November 2022, but the former president opted to communicate through his smaller-audience platform, Truth Social.

In a blog post, X stated that the decision to permit political ads, initially in the United States, reflects their dedication to free expression.

X’s policies strictly forbid the dissemination of false or deceptive content, including fabricated assertions aimed at eroding election trust, as stated in the blog.

Trump’s recent post of his mug shot was accompanied by the caption “Election interference.”

Following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the number of members was staff reduced significantly, sparking worries about content moderation and operational stability.

X announced the revision of its Civic Integrity Policy, aiming to counter voter-intimidating or deceptive content while adhering to Musk’s speech-freedom approach.

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