Eric Omondi begins 4-day online fundraiser to raise KSh50 million for needy Kenyans

Eric Omondi begins 4-day online fundraiser to raise KSh50 million for needy Kenyans

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi will today (Wednesday) begin his four-day live session to raise KSh50 million for poor Kenyans.

The 96-hour online fundraiser will kick off at 8 pm and will run until Saturday.

Eric Omondi announces fundraiser targets

“We are going to save lives, we are going to lift lives. We will Raise KSh50 million. We will start on Wednesday at 8 pm to Saturday at Midnight. PAYBILL NUMBER 772211 ACC NAME IS YOUR NAME,” Omondi announced on social media.

Eric Omondi elaborates on his mission

Omondi attributed this decision to the heartwrenching cases he receives from people struggling to access basic needs.

“Mothers, brothers, and sisters asking me to save their children, to save their siblings and I may not be able to do that on my own, no one can.

“And I have tried my best to help a few, and you have seen but the numbers are piling.”

Begging for money Abroad

This will not be the first time he will be engaged in a funds drive.

In June this year, the comedian took to the streets in London, United Kingdom appealing for funds.

Comedian Eric Omondi holds placard in London begging for money. PHOTO/FILE

“I managed to raise KSh 340,000 which I will use to buy Unga for a few Kenyans and laptops for upcoming content creators,” he announced, hours after the viral video.

The following month (July), Omondi pulled a similar stunt in the middle of a performance in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma. He appealed for funds from his audience citing the high cost of living and the poor state of Kenya’s economy.

“Kenya nimeskia petroli imepanda. Mimi jana pale Dodoma niliendelea kuchanga hela ya kuwasaidia wakenya wenzangu (I heard that the price of petrol has increased in Kenya. Yesterday, I continued to raise money in Dodoma to help my fellow Kenyans,” Omondi stated.

Eric Omondi dons big stylish shoes after his arrival in Dodoma, Tanzania. PHOTO/FILE

This marked the launch of his world tour dubbed ‘Woiyee Tour’ to beg for money from every city.

“Sisi kwa Sisi”

Omondi has been vocal about his criticism of President William Ruto’s government for failing to address challenges facing youth, content creators, the hungry, the unemployed and so on.

In this regard, he launched the ‘Sisi kwa Sisi’ initiative being promoted on his social media platforms.

So far, Omondi has assisted several Kenyans to clear medical bills, pay school fees, attain freedom from jail, and so on.

“No one is coming to save you!!! You will have to save yourselves!!! Get ready to take up leadership!!! Or else our generation will die poor. We must fight for our children!!!” he asserted.

He was arrested several times after staging protests in Nairobi and Kisumu where he demanded that leaders address the high cost of living.

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