Esther Passaris vows to vote for Finance Bill 2024

Esther Passaris vows to vote for Finance Bill 2024

Esther Passaris, Nairobi Woman Representative, has publicly declared her support for the Finance Bill 2024 and expressed her admiration for President Ruto.

In a statement, she addressed the controversy surrounding the bill, acknowledging some reservations about certain clauses but ultimately affirming her intention to vote in favor of it.

Passaris also reported critics who have labeled her a ‘traitor’ for her support of the Finance Bill 2023, emphasizing that her decision is based on what she believes will benefit Kenyans.

”Don’t threaten me with 2027 with the one you’re going to vote for. You don’t even know whether you will be alive by then. If your only agenda in 2027 is to vote me out, remember there’s gonna be many people who will want to vote me in.

”You only have have one vote. I was elected by other 750,000 people. So don’t give me these threats all the time,” she emphatically stated.

Moreover, Passaris addresed the accusations of being too close to the government despite being an opposition MP and affiliated with Raila Odinga.

She clarified that her support for Raila Odinga does not equate to animosity towards the current government.

Passaris confessed admiration for President Ruto’s administration stating that she loves the way he handles things.

”Those of you who keep calling me ‘Msaliti’ because I voted for the Finance Bill, well, there’s gonna be another one coming and even though there’s some issues I may disagree with, I’m gonna vote for the Finance Bill,” the Woman Rep added.

According to Passaris,the government needs money to stock hospitals with drugs, construct roads and battle floods to save the livelihoods of Kenyans thus the high taxation.

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