EX-Teen Republik Host Tracy Wanjiru Shocking Revelation Of Having A Baby!

EX-Teen Republik Host Tracy Wanjiru Shocking Revelation Of Having A Baby!

The Sassy Media Personality revealed her two-year-old secret to the public with a creative and captivating video gushing over her little-known motherhood journey and captioned, “This has been the best two years of my life, in the best HOOD ever, MOTHERHOOD!

Where shopping runs end up being 85% your child’s (ok maybe more😅), where your bag is no longer yours (acts as a secondary storage space for your child’s toys and other items they see valuable), where your YouTube playlist is no longer what you used to jam to and is now replaced by the best melodies and where your body is no longer the same because you carried and birthed a little angel which is a true symbol of the embodiment of your strength, resilience, and devotion.
I am grateful to God every day that He chose me to carry this great responsibility, this greatest act of selflessness and to enjoy this true labor of love.

I used to hear this all the time, that being a mother is the best thing that will ever happen to any woman, but I wasn’t prepared for how true it is and also much more it truly is.
I love being a mommy.
If you didn’t know now you know  🤭”

Tracy expressed her gratitude for being entrusted with the significant responsibility of motherhood, which she regards as the ultimate display of selflessness and genuine love.

This big revelation left her fans astounded and many wondered how she managed to keep it on the down low despite her celebrity status.

However, she neither disclosed the gender of the baby, name, baby daddy nor gave her followers a glimpse of her baby.

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