Former TV screen siren Esther Arunga’s stepson gets guardian, joins aeronautical school

Former TV screen siren Esther Arunga’s stepson gets guardian, joins aeronautical school

The stepson of former TV news anchor Esther Arunga has joined Kenya Aeronautical College, located at Wilson Airport.

The young man who shares a name with his father- controversial pastor Quincy Timberlake- will undertake a four-year aeronautical engineering course at the College.

Quincy’s good news was shared by journalist-cum-lawyer, Wahome Thuku, who helped in rallying for the fundraiser to help the 19-year-old join the school.

“I am almost in tears. Without you folks, this young man would never have even dreamt of getting there. Not even a dream.

“With all his brilliant brains he would have wasted away in the streets of Nairobi.  But no, we will get him to the end, God willing. We will, because we can.” He said in a statement.

Thuku has revealed that the total admission cost for the aspiring aeronautical engineer is 400,000 Kenyan shillings.

He indicates that this amount will take him for a year.

“We have spent close to Ksh400,000 to get him to join the college. That will take him one year. We hope to put him through for two years and then do another fundraiser. He will be in China for the last two years,”

Additionally, Thuku had been following up on the three children sired by Arunga’s estranged spouse, Timberlake.

Timberlake’s family troubles

The children, whose mother is the late Rose Mweni Gideon, Timberlake’s first wife were facing difficulties in accessing basic necessities and education.

Timberlake left Mweni with three sons for TV Star Esther  Arunga and both relocated to Australia where they encountered trouble.

The two were arrested in connection with the death of their son, Sinclair.


Quincy, the second-born son of Quincy Timberlake, is a bright young man who scored an A- in KCSE which he sat for at Chavakali Boys’ High School.

In March 2022, tragically, Mueni passed away after enduring a period of battling depression and other health complications.

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