Excited family welcomes new baby on same day for third time

Excited family welcomes new baby on same day for third time

Jeremy and Sauhry Turner of Ocala, Florida, already had a special date to celebrate – September 3rd.

Just last week, the date became even more extraordinary as they joyously welcomed their third daughter into the world.

Jeremy Turner’s wife with their kids who were born on September 3rd.

Coincidentally, it marked the third time in four years they’ve celebrated a daughter’s birth on September 3rd.

Third time is a charm

Jeremy Turner, beaming with joy, exclaimed:

“I’m on cloud nine right now. I’m the happiest father blessed with these three beautiful, healthy girls, and I’m very happy.”

The incredible streak of September 3rd birthdays began with their daughter Jasmine’s birth in 2020.

Surprisingly, exactly a year later, Sauhry Turner gave birth to their second daughter, Jessica, on September 3rd, 2021.

Subsequently, baby Juliet is the family’s latest addition to add to the tradition by arriving on September 3rd, 2023.

Jeremy Turner’s kids

“We were shocked and surprised that the third one wanted to be born on Sept. 3, as well as her other sisters,” Jeremy Turner shared.

Medical staff astounded
Similarly, the medical staff attending to the Turners found themselves equally taken aback.

Further, the doctors confirmed to the couple that they had never witnessed such a remarkable coincidence in their careers.

Excitedly, Jeremy Turner described how the news of this unique situation began to spread throughout the hospital on the day of Juliet’s birth.

September 3rd

Deliberately, on the day of Juliet’s birth, Jeremy intentionally managed to step away from the hospital briefly to celebrate his older daughters’ birthdays back at home.

Further, he returned to the hospital to be with his wife and new baby.

However, this joyful coincidence does come with its own set of logistical challenges when it comes to birthday celebrations.

Admittedly, Jeremy confessed everything is still very new to them.

Interestingly, the parents simply say their daughters’ names in descending order of age.

Future birthdays

Looking ahead, Jeremy Turner hopes to take the family to Disney World to celebrate the girls’ birthdays next year.

Furthermore, Juliet’s older sisters are fans of Disney movies.

He eagerly anticipates watching his three daughters grow up, play together, and see what they become in the future, embracing the uniqueness of their shared birthday traditions.

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