Exclusive with Nyasuguta: Why I changed my skin colour

Exclusive with Nyasuguta: Why I changed my skin colour

Former actress Eunice Wambui, better known by her moniker Nyasuguta, has opened up about her decision to bleach her skin, despite initially gaining fame with a dark complexion.

During an interview on TV47 Weekend Edition’s segment “Her Say” on Saturday, August 26, 2023, the former Vitimbi actress shared the reason behind her choice to undergo skin lightening.

Nyasuguta revealed that a significant accident she experienced over a decade ago was the catalyst for her decision to bleach her skin.

Nyasuguta speaks to TV47 Weekend Edition live from Dubai, UAE. [Photo/TV47].

She recounted the incident that took place in 2012/2013, explaining how the accident deeply affected her self-confidence due to the changes it brought to her appearance.

“In 2012/2023 I had a very fatal accident and it made me feel like I did not have that self-confidence in me anymore because people were used to me without any dent,” Nyasuguta candidly revealed during her conversation with host Grace Kuria.

She says the accident dramatically altered the course of her life, as she found herself constantly facing questions about her transformed appearance, a new reality that she struggled to adapt to.

This barrage of inquiries prompted her to make the bold decision to undergo skin-lightening.

“Then after the accident, everything just changed. Everybody could see me and they could judge me and ask me what happened. Did you involve yourself in a fight or something? Such things used to make me feel so bad because I had to explain myself over and over again,” Nyasuguta recounted.

Nyasuguta and her on-screen husband Mogaka. [Photo/Courtesy].

She explained that she initially sought the assistance of a doctor to address the specific area that attracted unwanted attention and questions due to scarring.

However, the treatment prescribed by the doctor led to uneven skin lightening. To achieve a uniform complexion, Nyasuguta decided to use the cream on her entire face, which ultimately led to her overall skin lightening.

” So after I went to my doctor, the cream she was giving me was making me lightened on one side, the place where I had a scar. So I had to use the cream on my whole face so that I could look even. That is the reason,” Nyasuguta shared with Grace during the interview.

Grace Kuria (pictured) had a candid conversation with Nyasuguta about her skin lightening journey. [Photo/Courtesy].

Nyasuguta’s candid admission sheds light on her personal journey and the factors that influenced her decision to undergo skin lightening.

Her story illustrates the impact of life-altering events on one’s self-perception and the lengths individuals may go to regain their self-confidence.

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