Five must-have items during a power blackout

Five must-have items during a power blackout

A power outage is something that occurs everywhere. Many Kenyans think it happens more in Kenya, and we can’t argue with that.

Kenya has been experiencing a two-day power outage. Various essential systems were heavily affected.

In a statement, Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) said they were experiencing “a general system disturbance.” The power supply fluctuated across the country.

During this power outage, businesses that depend on the power supply experienced major losses. Evidently, these businesses are in the service industry.

Most households with refrigerated food stocks also weren’t spared. A majority of Kenyans got caught unaware, and some had to spend an evening in the dark.

To avoid staying in the dark in the event of another blackout, we rounded up five things you must have in your house at all times.

-Kenyans, please light candles-

Yes, once the power goes out, the candles light up. There is no two-way street with this.

Candles are cheap—yes, very cheap—and they do the job just right. Do not get scented candles unless you want your house to smell like every scent in the forest.

-Perfect Match-

Unless you intend on lighting up your candles with lightning, you could start rubbing wood to produce fire.

It is good to have a decent stock at home, and it is even better when you buy in bulk. With the power out, some of us met our neighbours for the first time while borrowing matchboxes.

Some opted to light the candles with the gas cooker. Since karma is real and it is the end of the month, this is also the time the gas cylinder runs out.

Photo grab of artist Minicheps interviewing a matchstick man/ Source: Twitter (X)

It would be quite unfortunate to be borrowing matchboxes, candles, and even a gas cylinder from your neighbour. Truly, the two days were tough.

-Ready-to-eat food-

With the power out, most food outlets could not operate at optimum levels. With most foods raw in the fridge, having canned food or food with a longer shelf life comes in handy.

Having a carton of UHT milk will help keep breakfast bearable. It is inexpensive and will keep your kitchen running even with no power at all.

-Battery Radio-

Apart from some budget Android phones, the rest of us went back to the dark ages quicker than a cut can bleed. With dead gadgets, most of us were logged off social media.

Having a battery-powered radio helps you keep up with the news and follow up on updates on when power will be restored.


You know the drill: You can’t have a battery-powered radio without batteries. You can also choose to have rechargeables as well.

The goal here is to keep you comfy for the longest time possible, you and your crew. A power bank will serve you, but unless it is a power plant, it won’t last as long.

Which other things do you think we should add to our list? And don’t suggest a generator.

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