A lot of times, appearance can be the difference between success and failure as we go about our daily lives. Keeping that in mind, we’ve all been in situations where we are desperately in need of an ironed shirt but there is no electric iron available.

Business people who have to travel a lot fall victim of this, especially when they are in a time crunch and there is no electric iron available. Whatever your reason might be, here are 4 methods that could help if you’re ever faced with this challenge.

1. The Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners can do much more than help with your tangled hair or unkempt locks. They can be very handy tools to help give your clothes a decent touch in the absence of an electric iron. Although cotton fabrics are the safest for this method, hair straighteners with temperature settings can be set to work on lighter fabrics as well.

All you need to do is place the wrinkled part of the cloth in between the lips of the hair straightener and apply light pressure.

2. The Hair Dryer

The hair dryer works with the same principle as the hair straightener. The heat from the dryer is perfect for removal of wrinkles from fabrics. As with the straightener, a hair dryer with temperature setting will give an added advantage.

The hairdryer applies the same heat principles of the hair straightener. All you need to do is to hold the cloth in place preferably with a hanger and point the dryer in the direction of the wrinkles on the cloth.

3. The Hot Shower

Any guy reading this might feel left out by the first two methods and I wouldn’t blame him. Thankfully, this method works for everyone and all you need is a hanger and a steamy hot shower. Hang the cloth(es) outside the shower — the door of the bathroom should work — and take a hot bath. The steam from the shower should spread around the room and help remove wrinkles from your clothes. The clothes might be a bit damp after this so don’t forget to air dry.

4. The Spray Bottle

This is the simplest of all the methods. All you need is a spray bottle with water and a hanger. Keep the cloth(es) and spray the wrinkled areas lightly with water from a safe distance. Be careful not to get the clothes wet and air dry them after.

5. The Clothes Steamer

The Clothes Steamer is probably the most obvious choice if it’s readily available. It works well with fabrics that don’t require a lot of ironing and helps remove wrinkles quickly.

The Clothes Steamer works like the hand dryer, all you need is to hold the cloth in place and apply steam to the wrinkled areas.

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