Lady who took to social media to search for dad finds he died in the streets

Lady who took to social media to search for dad finds he died in the streets

In a tale that touches the heart, Fridah Harriet Mukiri – a young Kenyan woman based in the Netherlands who embarked on a journey to search for her father has found closure. Tragically, he passed on.

Mukiri, now a mother of a six-year-old girl, disclosed that her father – Zakayo Kinyua Mbaabu – who left her when she was just three years old had died in quite an awful state.

Fridah Harriet Mukiri
Fridah Harriet Mukiri disclosed that her father left her when she was still a toddler. [Photo/Courtesy].

Fridah Harriet Mukiri’s journey to find her father

Mukiri who has been based in the Netherlands since 2018 embarked on a heartfelt journey to Kenya to search for her father, who had abandoned her and her sister during their tender toddler years.

After she shared her quest to find her father on social media, she received word through her contacts that her father had tragically passed on, alone on the streets of Eastleigh, Nairobi.

“I have forgiven you. It wasn’t easy growing up without you, and I have suffered the consequences. I somehow feel now my daughter, your granddaughter deserves your presence,” she said at the time of posting request to find her dad on social media.

Fridah Harriet Mukiri
Fridah Harriet Muriuki with journalist and lawyer Wahome Thuku. [Photo/Courtesy].

His life had spiraled into a heart-wrenching tragedy, marked by rejection from his own family, fuelling a relentless battle with alcoholism that eventually tore him apart from his wife.

“He entered street life and became an adult parking boy. He started collecting plastics and other litter in the streets and sleeping in garbage and drainage,

“He died in the streets somewhere in Eastleigh. Friends identified the body. It was collected by police as an unclaimed body and buried where no one knows,” Mukiri said in a social media post.

She learned that her father had fathered another child with a different woman.

She managed to locate this newfound step-brother in Nakuru. Her only sister, residing in Kenya, also joined in this emotional reunion.

Fridah Harriet Mukiri
Fridah Harriet Mukiri reunites with her siblings after her search for her father ended in heartbreak. [Photo/Wahome Thuku/Twitter].

Mukiri revealed that while she found solace in locating her father’s final resting place, it stirred a whirlwind of introspection.

She wondered if there was more she could have done to change his tragic fate.

Nevertheless, the three siblings have decided to embrace their newfound family connection, united by a shared past and a determination to navigate the unique path that life has laid out for them – without their father.

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