Lady sheds tears for not having husband, child at 30

Lady sheds  tears for not having husband, child at 30

In a heartfelt moment, a 30-year-old beautiful lady sat alone, her heart heavy with longing and sorrow.

She turned to a soul-stirring gospel song, its notes like a balm for her soul, touching deep places within her.

The 30-year-old woman cried uncontrollably saying that her only prayer was she could have a family

Tears fill her eyes; each drop is a testament to her ache.

At thirty, she reflected upon her life and what she wished she could have achieved by now.

The lady said she desires to have a family of her own but her dream seems to elude her. Photo: Courtesy.

She broke down in uncontrollable tears and talked about how she yearned to have a husband to hold, a child to cherish – dreams that have remained just that, dreams.

She spoke with so much emotion revealing how the years have marched on, yet the embrace she craved for the most remained elusive.

She said men hardly look her way and those who do don’t desire a forever kind of love.

She said at the age of 30 she had hoped to have a husband and children running around. Photo: Devale Ellis.

The video captures her vulnerability, a glimpse into the emotions she had tucked away.

The words etched on the screen mirror her heart’s cry,

“I’ve been listening to this song but this one hits me so hard. 30 years old. No husband, no child, no family yet.”

The video spread like wildfire, carried by the winds of empathy across social media platforms.

Strangers become witnesses, hearts unite in a chorus of understanding.

While some sympathized with her plight most trolled her and said she was among the women who rejected men claiming they were not on their level.

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