Gatundu family forced to lock up mother in fear of attack by son demanding larger piece of land

Gatundu family forced to lock up mother in fear of attack by son demanding larger piece of land

A family in Gatundu South, Kiambu County is engaged in a bitter fight over a three-acre piece of land left by their late father.

Peter Kagumu alias Mau Mau was entangled in a fight with his eight siblings over the weekend after damaging part of his late father’s (Samuel Chege) grave.

‘Daughters should not inherit land”

Miriam Heta, who spoke on behalf of the family, expressed frustrations over the matter, saying the grave was revamped by the church where their late father worshipped until his demise in 2021.

She accused their brother Mau Mau of showing up at their home in Nembu Village armed with a machete.

He allegedly vowed not to let his sisters get a share of the land.

“Our dad made it clear that his daughters get part of the land but this didn’t sit well with our brother.

“Again, our father hived off a prime parcel of land for the construction of a church but he [Kagumu] has been after the parcel for his own selfish gains. This is the reason he has been acting irrationally to the point of destroying his own father’s grave,” Heta added.

Locking up their mother

So bad has been the situation that they were forced to lockup their elderly mother in the house whenever Mau Mau is around.

“In fact, he claims that the family will be at peace when she dies. Because of this we usually lock our mother in the house if we are not around because we fear she might be harmed,” she added.

Mary Wacuka, another sister, claimed that their late father left a warning message to Mau Mau while on his deathbed, against setting foot on his property.

Their brother Simon Ng’ang’a apparently sustained injuries on his head two years ago after he was attacked by Mau Mau using a machete.

Despite filing a report with the police, their ‘violent’ sibling was arrested but never made it court as he bought his freedom.

They vowed to take matters into their own hands as police did not protect them.

Gatundu sub-County police commander Jonathan Koech refuted claims that the family had filed a report.

“This is a serious matter and we will follow it up immediately before they start harming or killing each other,” he added.

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