Gen Z’s protests against Finance Bill were staged to gain views on TikTok – MP Racheal Nyamai

Gen Z’s protests against Finance Bill were staged to gain views on TikTok – MP Racheal Nyamai

Kitui South Member of Parliament Rachel Nyamai has claimed that the youngsters protests against Finance Bill 2024 in Nairobi are not motivated by good motives, but are stage managed for purposes of gaining views on Tiktok.

Nyamai made the remarks while debating over the Finance Bill in Parliament on Wednesday June 19, 2024.

The lawmaker said that after taking part in the demonstrations, one of the students she supports had expressed this opinion to her.

Nyamai claimed that the student had texted her to voice concerns regarding the Finance Bill, specifically the proposed levies on food and motor vehicle circulation.

In addition, the MP pointed out that her sponsored student had no motive to continue protesting because these levies had been removed.

“I asked her why she was on the street, and the girl told me she was not on the street concerning the bill, she told me she was there for Tiktok,” stated Nyamai.

The MP also kept mentioning how she backed the bill after the 2023 Finance Act was successful.

She also explained that the government policies in place were responsible for Kenya’s growing economy, as seen by the success of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

The lawmaker claimed that by enacting the measures included in the financial bill, taxes on imported goods would encourage the growth of Kenyan manufacturers.

The MP’s remarks are in line with the rallies Kenyans are holding around the nation to oppose the Finance Bill 2024’s passage.

This was after young Kenyans flocked to the streets, protesting that punitive taxes persisted even after some of the controversial taxes were struck off the Bill.

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