Government issues warning after MPs’ phone numbers leaked online

Government issues warning after MPs’ phone numbers leaked online

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is stepping in to caution the public about a concerning trend on social media.

Recently, there’s been a surge in targeted attacks from the public after the controversial Finance Bill was read.

The public not only demonstrated but also went a step further and started calling and harassing MPs and when they could not be reached their immediate families bore the brunt of it all.

This gained momentum following the leakage of phone numbers belonging to President William Ruto and Members of Parliament.

The leaks were part of a larger online campaign to pressure leaders into reconsidering contentious tax proposals outlined in the Finance Bill 2024.

The government’s warning emphasizes the potential harm caused by such actions.

Sharing personal details like names, phone numbers, locations, and family information can lead to severe consequences, including harassment and defamation.

The Data Protection Commissioner emphasized the importance of respecting privacy rights and avoiding vigilantism.

The cautionary message aimed to curb the spread of harmful online behaviour and promote responsible use of social media.

Further, It reminded citizens that everyone has the right to privacy, regardless of public or political stature.

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