Millionaire actress, Halle Berry, agrees to pay child support to 3rd ex-husband

Millionaire actress, Halle Berry, agrees to pay child support to 3rd ex-husband

Oscar-winning actress and her French heartthrob Olivier Martinez, both 57 years old, took their separation journey to court in October 2015.

This was just two years after their wedding.

In a court verdict that echoes fairness and responsibility, Halle Berry has been designated to pay $8,000 per month in child support for their beloved 9-year-old son, Maceo.

Halle Berry while she was pregnant with Baby Maceo

Halle Berry’s woes

The legal decree mandated her to provide 4% of any income surpassing $ 2 million – a supplementary contribution for Maceo’s well-being.

As the legal scrolls unfurled, it became evident that the well-being of their son took precedence.

The “John Wick” star will bear the costs of Maceo’s education, from private school fees to uniforms and supplies. However, the payments will find their way directly to the institution, and not her ex.

Halle Berry

Berry shoulders the responsibility of covering Maceo’s health insurance and all uninsured medical expenses, including vital therapy.

Parenting schedule

Despite their past differences, Berry and Martinez have forged a schedule that ensures quality time with their son.

Sharing the custody mantle, each parent will have half of the week with Maceo.

Their shared time stitched with alternating weekends, the heartstrings of parenthood continue to pull.

With the legal chapter now sealed, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez set forth on their separate journeys as co-parents, their shared love for Maceo a bridge connecting two paths that once intertwined.

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