Heartless Nyahururu landlord locks 14-year-old girl in the house amid rent arrears

Heartless Nyahururu landlord locks 14-year-old girl in the house amid rent arrears

In a shocking incident, a minor aged 14 years was locked inside their rental house for two days in Nyahururu town’s Core-Site Estate by their ruthless landlord.

According to residents, the girl has been living alone after her mother was admitted to Nyahururu County Referral Hospital the previous week on Sunday, where she had gone to deliver.

It is believed the landlord welded the door shut thereby trapping the girl inside on Tuesday. The minor says she thought the landlord was welding another house only for her to discover it was their house, when she attempted to go out.

“I knew it was our door when I tried opening it to get out, but I couldn’t,” the little girl told philanthropist Onyie Wuod Adhiambo.

The girl informed her mother, but since there was not much she could do, she asked her to wait until she returns.

The girl who was not in school at the time says she was supposed to join form 1 this year but due to financial constrains she still remains at home.

The neighbors have taken initiative of feeding the girl through a window in the house as she has no support currently.

This is not an isolated incident, as recently as January this year, a landlord in Mathare area of Nairobi removed his tenants roof after she accumulated rent arrears amounting to KSh6,000.

In Kenya, the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants are governed by the Kenyan Constitution, various statutes, and common law principles.

Under the law, landlords can only evict tenants through a legal process. They must provide proper notice to the tenant and obtain a court order before carrying out an eviction.

Self-help evictions, such as changing locks or forcibly removing tenants, are illegal

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