Herman Manyora: Broke Kenyans now visiting malls for selfies, not shopping

Herman Manyora: Broke Kenyans now visiting malls for selfies, not shopping

Political analyst Herman Manyora has faulted President William Ruto over proposal to increase Value Added Tax (VAT) from 16% to 18%.

Manyora regretted that the fresh tax proposals would punish the overburdened ‘mwananchi’ amid the unbearable cost of living.

“Who would have thought our MPs knowing how Kenyans are suffering would have passed the Finance Bill 2023? These people live among us, they are our children.

“They are our brothers and sisters so they know Kenyans are suffering,” the analyst explained.

176 MPs voted in favor of the Finance Bill 2023. PHOTO/FILE

Manyora opined that the conduct of MPs rendered Kenyans powerless, therefore people have left government to do as they please.

Manyora to Ruto: Your advisors are wrong

On the increasing VAT proposal, the political commentator termed President Ruto’s advisors as ‘useless’.

“Today, I am challenging people like David Ndii and Mr President, please travel incognito, put on a baseball cap and tshirt not the Kaunda suits.

“Go to these high-end malls. There is no buying going on. People are just taking selfies because Kenyans simply don’t have money,” he advised.

President William Ruto. PHOTO/FILE

Poorly paid workers

The political analyst criticised employers including government for poor pay to workers, who are bearing the brunt of increased taxes.

“We don’t pay people well in this country. And the little we pay them we are now taxing and taking away every penny. Who do we expect to buy these things we are producing in the country?”

Manyora offers solution

Manyora advised Ruto’s administration to expand revenue collection base and stop relying heavily on taxes.

“Give Kenyans parastatals to run, those that can make money. Government is getting money from doing business and taxes. This country must learn to earn money,” he added.

Otherwise, the current administration will tax citizens to death in order to fulfill their roadside promises, Manyora stated.

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