How to make money online:- Dennis Itumbi

How to make money online:- Dennis Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi, a digital trailblazer, sat down with Willis Raburu to spill the beans on how today’s youth can cash in on the online world.

It’s a hot topic, especially in light of the recent digital tax uproar.

Itumbi talked of digital tax
Itumbi talked about how to make money online

In defense of President Ruto, Itumbi pointed out that numerous countries have already taken the plunge into digital taxation.

Why? To make sure that folks who misuse social media, attempting to monetize explicit content, feel the weight of their actions in their wallets.

But here’s where Itumbi’s wisdom shines. He implores the youth not to tread the beaten path.

Itumbi said digital tax is important

Instead, he encourages them to venture into uncharted territory, to explore the vast realm of untapped content.

His advice is crystal clear: Don’t just hop on the bandwagon of what’s already been done and dusted. The secret sauce lies in innovation.

Itumbi urges young content creators to dive into research, to discover those niches that remain hidden in the shadows.

It’s all about finding those gold mines of fresh ideas and undiscovered opportunities.

In a world saturated with rehashed content, the real gems lie in the unexplored corners of the internet.

In the grand scheme of things, Dennis Itumbi champions the spirit of originality.

His message to the youth is loud and clear: break free from the herd, explore the uncharted, and find your own path to online success.

It’s a digital world brimming with potential – all you need is a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of innovation, and a hefty dose of determination to make your mark.

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