“I became a mabati houses landlady at 24-years-old.” Nana Owiti

“I became a mabati houses landlady at 24-years-old.” Nana Owiti

Former talk show host Nana Owiti who came to the lime light after her marriage to rapper King Kaka, has impressed netizens following a recent revelation that she became a landlady at 24-years-old.

She posted a picture of herself standing in front of houses constructed from iron sheets that she collected from scrap.

You see those mabati houses right behind me in this pic? I built those! Not from anyone’s money but my grind’s! Most of those mabati’s were from scrap

Owiti added that her first mabati house was constructed when she was 20 after she was shoved into entrepreneurship following the death of her parents.

The first house the one painted, that was my first house to build its my favorite because it unlocked something deeply in me. I was 20 when I had that constructed. By the time I was 24, I had 13 rental houses! I was a landlady

Nana had to think on her feet quickly and fill her parents’ shoes, saying she did not have the luxury to be a child.

You see,most of you don’t remember what you were doing at 22..I didn’t have that luxury. For me, every decision was calculated subconsciously sometimes.

You see, I became a parent in my teens by the virtue of losing both our parents. Life didn’t give me time to prepare for what that looked like and neither did it hand me a manual.

She concluded by encouraging her fans to grow a thick skin and handle challenges as they come.

Manze halafu don’t wait to have it all to do what you plan to do… You will never have it all. Start where you are and with what you have because Everything you need,You have. Never be scared to start small.

NEVER listen to the noisy hornbills, not everyone will understand your vision but you!!! Above all, be GRATEFUL to God for every wave..for every tide. Stay prayed up!!

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