“I earn KSh8,000 a week” – How Ajira Digital is revolutionising young people’s lives in Nyandarua

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“I earn KSh8,000 a week” – How Ajira Digital is revolutionising young people’s lives in Nyandarua

In the heart of Kenya, a quiet revolution is underway. Young people, armed with the skills they learned through the Ajira Digital program, are using their newfound knowledge to launch thriving small businesses, revitalizing local economies, and setting inspiring examples of entrepreneurship.

The story follows the journeys of several young Kenyans in Nyandarua, specifically Ol Kalou town, who have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by Ajira Digital, a government initiative aimed at equipping youth with the digital skills required to participate in the online job market.

Through intensive training in areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and online freelancing, these individuals have not only improved their employability but also discovered an entrepreneurial spirit within themselves.

Some of these young people came together to start a boutique shop with their online earnings; some are making posters for small businesses in Nyandarua, while others are making beads and have already gained international clients.

‘I earn KSh8,000 a week’

Norah Akinyi, one of the beneficiaries of this noble program, claims she can earn up to Ksh. 8000 per week just from working online with her phone, and this has allowed her to meet all of her needs without relying on her parents.

”Ajira came to me as a beacon of hope when everything in my life seemed stanted in my life but after joining the team, the skills I have acquired in the digital world have enabled me to earn approximately 65 dollars each week,” Akinyi says.

Norah Akinyi, who hails from Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County, says Ajira Digital was a destiny helper for her life as an entrepreneur.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Victor Ndirangu and John Ndirangu, who, in addition to earning online, have witnessed many youths who had fallen into alcoholism and drug abuse now have a new course of life and are earning their own money.

“Before Ajira came to Nyandarua, many youths were hopeless and jobless but for now, I personally can attest that I own my own branding and advertising company in Nyandarua as well as managing different social media accounts of famous hotels within the county,” Ndirangu says.

Vital role of NG-CDF

According to Mr. Billy Gitau, the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) has made a significant contribution to the Ajira Hub by providing essential furniture and computers. This assistance has helped reduce congestion among students, resulting in a more conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, the NG-CDF offers part-time job opportunities to learners, allowing them to manage their workload and gain valuable work experience. This initiative not only improves educational resources but also enhances the overall learning and development of students, citing Norah as an example of Norah Akinyi who has been able to earn a lot of money online, and he has encouraged young people to join Ajira Digital platforms to improve their lives.

Ben Kabogo, Central Region Ajira’s digital coordinator, emphasized the importance of equipping young people with digital skills as the only way to address unemployment as the world transitions to a digital economy.

His sentiments were echoed by Kaimbaga Station Manager Irene Wacerra, who stated that technology is the way of the future, and that collaboration with the national government has enabled them to provide youths with 27 modules that allow them to acquire the skills required in the modern world.

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