“I must be on the ballot come 2027”- Content creator Kabugi

“I must be on the ballot come 2027”- Content creator Kabugi

Content creator Kennedy Kabugi, popularly known as Kabugi now says he will vie for a political seat in 2027.

During an interview on Monday, May 27, he confirmed that he will run for office in the general elections.

Kabugi mentioned that while he hasn’t chosen the specific post he will run for, he is determined to be on the ballot in the 2027 elections.

“2027 I will be on the ballot watu wangu Sijasettle bado,  but I must be on the ballot,” he affirmed.

He assured people from his hometown in Nakuru East constituency that he might aim for a Member of Parliament seat, and if not successful, he would consider a more senior role as a senator, ruling out a run for Governor.

“Nakuru East nitajaribu MP ikishindikana Senator, Governor sitaitisha,” he said.

Kabugi did not specify whether he plans to run as an independent candidate or join a political party.

His venturing into politics is not surprising, as many Kenyan celebrities and public figures, like journalists, actors, musicians, and content creators, have made similar transitions.

In the recent elections, we saw a significant number of well-known individuals running for political positions ranging from MCAs to Members of Parliament.

Comedian MC Jessy withdrew his interest in running, and musician Bahati was absent from the ballot as he was denied a party ticket.

It is worth noting that musician KRG the don joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) political party in preparation for the upcoming elections, but he has not yet declared his interest in running for any specific post.

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