“I want a man I can pray with until morning on a Friday evening.” Cynthia Nyamai

“I want a man I can pray with until morning on a Friday evening.” Cynthia Nyamai

Media personality Cynthia Nyamai has once again received a message from God that she is not ready for marriage.

Speaking on content creator, Lynn Ngugi’s show, the media personality said that she always viewed men as people who wanted to hurt her.

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“You know we are hurt so much in our society that we begin to do things outside the order of God. I was okay, I even would not mind hurting men,” she confessed.

God instructed her to apologise to all the men she had hurt further telling her that she was manipulative.

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“I had to call many men in my life and apologize. And the funny thing is he started working on me. He said you are the problem, you are not ready for marriage.”

You are not ready for marriage!

Cynthia has been praying for not only a God-fearing man but also one who is tall and dark. God one day requested a meeting with her, and she was instructed to order tea and meet him at her balcony.

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“God takes us through a journey so God wakes me up in the morning he tells me, let’s have a date come to the balcony, send for Java and we enjoy,” she said.

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Cynthia asked God for a wish that her husband be a good-looking man who would knock on her gate saying he was lost.

“I was living on a hill, looking at other hills and we started talking. He said I want to prepare you for marriage,

” I said God as I sit on this balcony, a hot guy will pass by a hot man, I will just see a tall man at the gate saying Excuse me I’m lost. Wapi!” She narrated.

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She said she does not plan to get married before hearing God’s approving voice.

“I will marry one day not because of romantic ideas only, it will be because my call, my purpose is aligned with his. I will help him get to where he is meant to and he will also help me. A woman brings life.”

“I know my man has to be a king. I can’t marry lower than a King and I know people will think it means property blah blah blah, but it is where they are in the spiritual things, some things come naturally from working with God.”

“As a prophet, I can only marry a King, so that he doesn’t tear down my office and things that God has given me,” she concluded.

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