I will make history by raising funds four days non-stop says Eric Omondi

I will make history by raising funds four days non-stop says Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has been on a remarkable philanthropic effort run and has rallied Kenyans to help raise funds to assist needy cases through his Sisi Kwa Sisi platform.

Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi. Photo/Eric Omondi/Instagram

Eric toured a makeshift children’s home that hosts orphan and found their living condition is deplorable, 35 orphans squeezing and sleeping in a room with only two beds.

He passionately appealed to Kenyans to join in helping needy cases, promising to secure decent living conditions for the woman and the children.

Earlier today, he made the big announcement that fans had early been waiting for.

He revealed his ambitious plan, “I will make history by holding the longest fundraising ever for four days non-stop. Nobody will neither sleep hungry nor will die’, Eric said.

Eric has been on an awesome and inspiring mission to help Kenyans who are facing severe challenges and elevate their circumstances.

He raised Sh400,000 for a Mathare man who was arrested for confronting police officers who allegedly teargassed his child during the Azimio demos.

Victor Juma during the Azimio demos when he was arrested and on your left with his lovely family. Photo/Courtesy

Omondi organized an online fundraiser for Victor Juma and managed to raise the amount, which was used to cover medical bills for affected child, pay school fees, rent and facilitate the opening of a small business for Juma and his wife. In addition, he affirmed Omondi that he was willing to advertise the business Juma will open for free.

In another incident, he managed to raise funds for Baby Pyden who unfortunately passed on days later.

An emotional Omondi confessed that small coffins are always the heaviest while comforting the affected parents. 

The comedian turned activist was instrumental in helping the one-month-old baby in getting treatment after he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour.

Omondi had helped the family raise at least Sh1 Million for the baby’s specialized treatment but unfortunately, he passed away.

Eric Omondi pleas with Kenyans to help raise money for the needy. Photo/EricOmondi/Instagram

The comedian had been helping the family of the one-month-old baby get financial help for his treatment. 

“They say the smallest Coffins are the heaviest. Safiri salama Pyden Mudoga,” he wrote 

Eric Omondi offering emotional, spiritual and financial support during burial of late Baby Pyden. Photo/Courtesy

Adding “A lot needs to change in our health systems. We got to Pyden a little late but next week we will be launching something that will change people’s lives. Mahali imefika sasa lazima itakua ni #SisiKwaSisi”

Kenyans have applauded him for his generosity and acts of kindness many wishing him God’s blessings and favor in abundance for his consistent effort and push for better lives.

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