Judiciary announces 1,000 jobs for those who scored C- and above in KCSE

Judiciary announces 1,000 jobs for those who scored C- and above in KCSE

Following the decision to digitize the Judiciary by developing the Case Tracking System (CST) there is a vacancy for 1000 jobs.

The Judiciary seeks to hire 79 scanner operators, 803 data entry agents and 79 team leaders.

The employees will help in the deployment of the CST.

This system is inbuilt in all courts around the country. All cases including ongoing cases records and court proceedings will be digitally available.

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Who will access the system in the judiciary

Judges and judicial officers will be able to access them from the CTS.

The contracts will be effective for a period of five days to 54 days based on the caseload in the institution one is based.

Depending on the job description, the pay ranges from KSh 1,500 to KSh 2,000.

Successful candidates for data entry jobs will be paid KSh 1,500 per day.

Judiciary data entry job

Data entry duties responsibilities include: receiving files from from the supervisor in-charge of registries.

Preparation of physical files to include unbinding, document sorting, page separation, listing, pagination, and indexing.
Bind the documents to its original state and order.

The requirements are: Scored C- and above in KCSE, a computer studies certificate.

One should come from the region the court session they have applied to is, previous experience in Data Entry engagement with an Ajira training certificate as an added advantage.

Scan operators judiciary job

Scan operators eill be tasked with scanning prepared documents and appropriately renaming the documents.

They will also be required to undertake quality checks for completed scanned files, saving scanned images into a Network Storage System and uploading to the images to CTS.

The requirements for the position is a minimum grade of C- in KCSE, certificate in computer studies.

Additionally, they should be able to operate a scanner, living within the locality of the court station and previous experience as a scanning operator.

An Ajira training certificate will act as an added advantage.

Team leaders judiciary job

Finally, the team leaders will be tasked with receiving files from the registry in charge, allocate duties and responsibilities to the team.

They will also undertake quality checks and approve the documents before they are uploaded to CTS, prepare an attendance list and prepare a report.

Aside from a C- minimum grade in KCSE, a diploma in a related field, certificate in computer studies and proof of leadership in a similar role.

If interested apply for the jobs via the Judiciary jobs portal.

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