Kathy Kiuna’s daughter shares details about her 11-year marriage, not just love

Kathy Kiuna’s daughter shares details about her 11-year marriage, not just love

Kathy Kiuna and her daughter Vanessa Kiuna Kovac are refreshingly candid on their mum and daughter podcast Mummy and Vee.

The two share their perspectives on marriage gleaning from their experience in their marriages.

Kathy Kiuna and her first-born daughter Vanessa Kiuna Kovac

They hope through sharing their marriage journey, they encourage and uplift their listeners to believe in marriage.

Recently, Vanessa Kiuna Kovac’s heart-to-heart on the ‘Mummy and Vee’ podcast offered a glimpse into her marriage to Robert Kovac. The couple has two children together.

Delving deeper

In the recent episode, Vanessa delved into her 11-year marriage stating ways they have confronted and successfully overcome their recurring problems.

Vanessa Kiuna and her parents at their church

Vanessa Kiuna gets candid

The couple have been together for nearly 11 years, and delved into the journey of marriage, including the hurdles they have encountered along the way.

“It’s taken us a while, we’ve been together for what? Ten years, 11 this year. We were okay in the very beginning, then we had a rough patch, and then we got okay again and then we got engaged. Then we had this minor rough, then we got married,”

 Vanessa recounted. Robert Kovac added:

“We were fighting about the same thing,”

Robert admitted, sharing that they even discovered a 3-month argument pattern.

The mum of two divulged that their journey has been peppered by phases of stability, followed by rough patches, and then periods of reconciliation before the cycle started all over again.

Robert added that, through having hard conversations, they realized their recurring issues, noting that their fights were grounded in perspectives about how things should work.

Growing together

“It was hard work, we made it through our rough patches although looking back they were minor issues,” Vanessa acknowledged.

The mother of two said what they felt for each other was not enough to sustain them, they were acutely aware for their union to work they had to know when to compromise and when to let the other person win. They both agreed that they are glad they have grown and their

and their relationship has demanded consistent effort and maturity from them as a couple and as individuals.

Vanessa’s husband highlighted how the examples set by his power couple in-laws Kathy and Allan Kiuna served as inspiration. He praised their proactive approach to addressing issues promptly and effectively.

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