Photographer Muma Pix denies he’s dating actress Jackie Matubia

Photographer Muma Pix denies he’s dating actress Jackie Matubia

Renowned Kenyan Photographer, Francis Mungai, widely known as Muma Pix, sheds light on his association with the award-winning Actress Jackie Matubia.

In an exclusive conversation with Commentator, Muma Pix categorically denied any romantic involvement with Jackie Matubia and revealed that they have nurtured a strong friendship spanning over three years.

“This has been like three years now. I met Jackie in 2020 or 2021. One of my favourite artists, and we ended up being really good friends. So, sijui mbona watu wanachachisha.”

“Hakuna kitu, we are just working with Muma Pix who has been creating and sharing content on social media said Jackie Matubia pushed him to content creation and he was hesitant at first since he is a private person.”

Actress Jackie Matubia and Photographer Muma Pix. Photo/JackieMatubia/Instagram

“Hii story ya content ni yeye alikuwa ananipush sana nijaribu. It wasn’t something I was open to because naturally I am a very private person.”

“And with her being a very good actress, I feel she has also made me a better content creator. I find myself doing a lot of content with her.”

Feisty photo shoot by Muma Pix that sent online ablaze. Photo/JackieMatubia/Instagram

Addressing the widely viral video featuring a playful interaction between him and Jackie, where she jokingly pushed him away, Muma Pix clarified that they were fully clothed during the exchange.

He further emphasized that their content revolves around relatable and everyday situations.

“I find it interesting that people find a way to stretch such a simple skit into a whole thing but sasa nitafanya aje watu watafikiria vile wanataka.”

Muma Pix took the opportunity to clarify his longstanding friendship with both Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lungaho, a point of contention in public discussions.

Jackie Matubia and Ex-Blessing Lung’aho back when they were head over heels in love. Photo/JackieMatubia/Instagram

“I’ve been around even before they made their relationship public. I’ve supported them throughout their journey, and my loyalty remains steadfast.

Adding,” I have been friends with both Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lungaho throughout their relationship. I was there before they went public with their relationship, I was there during their relationship and am there even now.

Jackie Matubia all smiles giving zero chills about netizens accusations of having an affair with Photographer Muma Pix. Photo/JackieMatubia/Instagram

“I am the constant. Whatever happened to her is her personal life. Am friends with both of them. Ata kuna content we’ve done the three of us, so if it was a problem then ingeonekana kitambo.”

Muma Pix firmly asserted that his closeness with Jackie didn’t pose any complications within the context of Blessing Lungaho’s involvement.

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