Jackie Matubia ‘trashes’ mystery woman’s features in photo with ex Blessing Lung’aho

Jackie Matubia ‘trashes’ mystery woman’s features in photo with ex Blessing Lung’aho

Actress Jackie Matubia has denied claims she is back together with baby daddy and fellow actor Blessing Lung’aho.

The debate was sparked by a photo shared by Lung’aho on social media, where a woman was blindfolding him.

Netizens were quick to react to the sweet moment claiming those were Matubia’s nails since the woman’s face was not revealed.

Jackie Matubia responds

The mother of two meted out a spiteful response asserting that she was not the mystery woman.

“Iwafikie. Can you compare these nails to those ones please, I don’t involve myself in content MBAYA! & Gai ata Mau ya 300 haiwezi nunuliwa to just do content wanachukua ya vase!
Nikomeni!!!” Matubia wrote.

In July this year, the 33-year-old confirmed she and Lung’aho had parted ways. “Proud single mother of two,” she captioned a photo of herself on Instagram.

Baby number 2

They came out with their relationship in February 2022 when Matubia revealed she was expecting a child with the renowned actor in a short video titled ‘Baby Number 2’.

Jackie Matubia’s baby bump photoshoot. PHOTO/FILE

Matubia would subsequently become active on her YouTube channel which garnered a huge following within a very short period of time as their relationship attracted massive attention.

Lung’aho proposed marriage to Matubia in April 2022 and it was a big yes.

News of the proposal was made public by their close friends Milly Chebby and Terence Creative who were featured in most of Matubia’s content.

The two welcomed a baby girl named Zendaya Nyambura in June 2022. Her first child Zari Wanjiku is now eight years old.

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