Mother, daughter, grand daughters, enroll in college together

Mother, daughter, grand daughters, enroll in college together

A College welcomed an entire family embarking on a unique journey of education.

Samantha Malczewski, a sophomore nursing student at Carthage, couldn’t contain her excitement.

The y all attend college together
Grandmother, mother, and 2 daughters enroll at Carthage College together

Three generations

Mia shared her first day of school with her sister, their mom, Amy Malczewski, and their grandma, Christy Schwan.

Besides it being a family affair, they were all thrilled to be there together.

Mia expressed her pride, and Amy, the middle generation of this remarkable family, spoke about how she had worked at the college for years.

She knew she wanted to pursue a degree of her own and had a brilliant idea.

She encouraged her mom, Christy, to join her in the same program.

The two sisters Mia and Samantha

Family on cloud nine

Undeniably happy Amy said she was witnessing her daughters grow up, mature, and embrace new experiences.

Moreover, she was equally thrilled to see her mom fulfil her lifelong dream.

Furthermore, Christy Schwan, who decided to pursue her master’s degree after retiring, was overjoyed.

She spoke about the joy of seeing her family on campus, and the inspiration to dream big was a value that ran through all three generations.

Past experiences

In addition, Amy shared how her mom had taught her to face her fears and do things anyway.

Admittedly, she marvelled at the fact that her mom had always instilled this sense of courage in her.

In brief, learning is a lifelong journey, and they were all embracing it together.

Christy wanted her girls to understand that age is just a number and that you can pursue your dreams at any stage of life.

Education is key

Nonetheless, learning is a continuous process, and they were setting a beautiful example of it.

Not only were the four ladies ecstatic but also looked forward to sharing the academic year together.

perhaps even having study dates, and most importantly, cherishing the bond that comes with learning side by side.

It was a heartwarming story of a family united by education and the shared pursuit of knowledge.

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